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A hands-on educational celebration of ponderosa trees with COCC, Project Ponderosa & Ian Carrick

Saturday, April 27 10:30-noon

2600 College Way, Bend | COCC Library

**Please note - the southern entrance to COCC (by Chevron) will be closed

All vehicles will need to enter via Mt. Washington Drive

In honor of Arbor Day, attendees of all ages will learn about the resilience, adaptability, and beauty of ponderosas. We will collectively tell the story of a tree whose history is so central to our city’s history. We will plant a tree on campus, sing, and share our love for ponderosas. This event also intends to educate the public on the city of Bend’s newly updated tree code.


During this free event, attendees will:

  • Enjoy warm coffee, fresh cookies & community

  • Engage in a tactile presentation from Project Ponderosa founder, Lee Steveson

  • Participate in a Q&A about ponderosas with accessibility for different kinds of learners

  • Help plant a 100+ pound ponderosa sapling in front of the COCC library

  • Learn about the city of Bend’s recently updated tree code

  • Enjoy and/or join in singing Ian’s song “Ponderosa Hermosa”




We hope families will walk away from this event with a deeper appreciation of ponderosa pine ecosystems and a meaningful memory of giving back to this beautiful land we call home.

No registration needed! Contact Ian if you want to get involved or ask a question

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