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"You Can and You Must Sing"

That's what visionary Iowa songleader Liz Rog told Ian Carrick in 2016. She basically said, "you have to start a singing group in your hometown. You can do it. Now!!"


Our vision is to see singing together become an essential part of a more honest, more courageous, kinder culture.


Open Hub Singing Club is open to all singers. Our 50+ members harmonize in uplifting oral tradition songs from a international cultural revival of group singing. We are a non-audition, embodied, joy-based choir in Bend, Oregon. We meet weekly in fall, winter and spring with irregular gatherings in the summer. We welcome all new and returning singers throughout the season. 


We'll sing to welcome friends home. We'll sing loved ones goodbye. We'll sing for people in midst of big life transitions, old and young. We'll sing to bless new projects and to let tired dreams die. We'll know a common body of songs and have the skills as a community to sing them passionately, beautifully. 

The science is in––those who sang together survived together. We receive huge biochemical rewards when we raise our voices together. Group singing truly is one of the most potent "technologies of belonging" available to us today. 

Read our FAQs to see if we might be a good fit for you.

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