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Full Voice Coaching: Welcome
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An innovative, playful, embodied approach to vocal empowerment.

"The voice is the muscle of the soul" -Alfred Wolfson

"To free the voice is to free the person" -Kristin Linklater

Ian puts even the shyest singer at ease with his enthusiasm and knowledge.  After the first exercise, I felt the most awake and connected I’d felt all day.

Rhonda Ealy, director at Triage Improv

“I loved the vocal journey Ian took us on and found him to be a gentle, funny and kind spirit guide.”

Judi Van Houweling

My session with Ian was encouraging, invigorating, and fun! He builds confidence with practical skills. Yay! I plan on more!

Jana Zvibleman

Full Voice Coaching with Ian is a blast! Usually I get nervous singing around other people, but Ian's gentle presence and his sense of humor put me at ease immediately. With his guidance, I noticed an obvious improvement in my singing, even during our first session.

Matt Lauziere, body worker & musical risk-taker

Full Voice Coaching: Testimonials

What if Darth Vader had told Luke “I am your father” in a breathy, nervous whisper? Or if Dorothy had exuberantly sang “We’re not in Kansas anymore”?

When we are born we scream and cry. Before our first words we giggle, moan, coo, squeak, gasp, yelp. These sounds are how we navigate early life, a rudimentary yet effective communication system. Gradually we decrease the range of sound we make in favor of more and more words. In a culture based on words it can be easy to forget that what we say is significantly influenced by how we sound.


The Full Voice™ method is an embodied, experiential process that increases your awareness of your unconscious vocal habits, empowering you to consciously use your full vocal power to better serve yourself, your relationships, and your community. 


Grounded in conventional vocal techniques like tone production and breath support, Full Voice™ is a wildly innovative, playful, embodied pedagogy capable of supporting people from all walks of life.

Full Voice™ FAQs

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