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Kira Seto - Songleader

Kira stepped into songleading timidly in 2017 on Big Island out of a deep yearning to find and create singing community. She's traveled the west coast the past couple years, jumping in to sing wherever possible with an array of inspiring songleaders and learning about the trade along the way. Earlier this year, she completed Lisa G. Littlebird's Songleader Flight School. Kira is hooked on the "frisson" of voices weaving together in resonance and leads in hopes to give others the chance to find joy, belonging, release, and beauty through song.

Ian Carrick's info is still over in Our Story... 

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Jana Zvibleman -

Accessibility Coordinator

Jana is a generous, considerate, experienced leader when it comes to accessibility. In her words, "we are eager to help singing be accessible to all people who want to join us, with any abilities. We have had members who are blind, deaf and have special sensibilities. Service and companion dogs are sometimes present. We are still learning how to share in better ways. Please let me know if you have ideas about how we can accommodate date you and others."

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