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From Fortune 500 companies to healthcare workers to education administrators, people are usually surprised by the benefits of singing together.

"I can’t even begin to articulate the impact [the singing] had. And biggest kudos to Ian for masterfully guiding us all through that session – he’s indeed a gifted leader and specialist."


-Nicole Kelley, Senior Director Talent Management, Fluke Corporation

Groups of people who work together have use singing as a 'technology of belonging' for thousands of years. 


Non-performance group singing boosts our oxytocin and endorphin levels, creating trust and connection.


It lowers our cortisol levels, relaxing our whole system.


Singing is inherently vulnerable. You cannot engineer the discomfort out of it.


If we let go of our fears and step into the experience of singing-while-listening, the results can be truly transformational.

Areas of focused learning for a group singing experience may include:

  • Embodied understanding of courage and vulnerability as essential and effective leadership skills. 

  • Emotional intelligence skills development

  • Trust- and team-building

  • Leadership development

  • Joy as a productivity tool

Group rates vary. Please contact Ian at with any inquiry.

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