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Who's this guy...

Ian's mission is to reinvigorate our culture with community singing.


In his vision, the act of singing together will feed our collective hunger for a more beautiful world, giving birth to practical systems of resilience and renewal.


Ian has been searching for community-based forms of music since he first started playing gypsy jazz in a Bend bookstore as a teenager. Eventually he landed in the Batak land of Northern Sumatra, Indonesia, where singing is part of daily life. Ian's journey of healing his own voice led him into the heart of a cultural revival of aural tradition singing in North American.


Since then, in 2016, he founded Open Hub Singing, a drop-in non-audition community choir that now brings singing all across Central Oregon. Ian views songleading as a unique musical craft that combines his skills as a facilitator, listener, singer, composer, poet, percussionist and conductor.


After earning a BA in Humanities for Leadership, Ian graduated from Barbara McAfee's Full Voice Coaching program and Lisa Littlebird's Songleader Flight School. In addition to leading Open Hub, Ian works one-on-one with clients to empower their voices, brings voice and singing workshops to groups of people—from activists in Missouri to corporate leadership teams in Seattle to choirs in Sydney—participates in healing men's work and composes original aural tradition music.