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May 26

Possible Summer Break Plan


Richard and I would like to offer to show up every Monday, rain or shine, at 7 at the stage at Drake Park while Ian is taking a break and to sing with whomever wants to join us. This spot is close to bathrooms and a water fountain and we could walk to other fun singing spots if the spirit moves us. This way no one has to be responsible for planning to have folks in their home and communication beforehand is not necessary. Just show up! My idea is to keep our vocal chords and memories in shape for all the wonderful songs we've learned so far and that anyone can suggest a song that we've sang at Hub and we'll tackle it with our group mind (and maybe with the help of our recordings, if it's really an oldy). And then when we have Ian back, we can start learning new song again and he can coordinate gathering in homes or whatever plan he has for us. What say you? My improv students have done this in the past when I needed a break and it worked out quite well...