We are singing...


Sundays 1-2:30pm at Heritage Hall in First Presbyterian Church (230 NE 9th St. map)

All voices wanted & welcome

It feels so delicious to be back indoors, where our harmonies can really meld into beauty. 

To keep these regular gatherings alive, we ask for an $8-20 sliding scale contribution (cash/card/Venmo). First-timers are on us, as are people younger than 21 and BIPOC folks. 

We are a Central Oregon-based part of a growing community of paperless aural tradition singing in North America. We sing easy-to-learn delicious songs that re-enchant the world and open our hearts. Singing together...

  • we practice courage, trust, interdependency and full, healthy breathing

  • oxytocin (trust/bonding) levels rise, while cortisol (stress/anxiety) falls

  • we share our truth while contributing to something larger than ourselves

  • we co-create a tangible sense of belonging. 

  • we have oodles of fun.

We hope you'll join us in our vision of a world where group singing is a vital part of our daily communal lives. 

Shawn Axton

Open HUB Singing has been a wonderful opportunity to blend voices in a group setting, coming away feeling more positive from the vibrations of singing and good vibrations of building community.  The songs are soulful, and uplifting, written and spread at a grass roots level.  If you want to help improve this world – start now – and come sing with us!

Jim Boraas

I would rather sing with Ian at open hub than go to any concert. It’s like being a part of a band !  . It’s an interactive experience with no judgment and nothing but love and acceptance. If you ever were told that you can’t sing or had a desire to sing openly and without fear come to Open hub and let your voice be heard!

Doug Macbeth

Open Hub is one of the bright spots in every week. A chance to sing, to improvise a little, and to laugh a lot. It's a great group of people, and Ian makes it fun

What does it look and sound like? 

One of our favorite river songs

When anxiety and worry are a learned response to a crazy world, this original song reminds us to follow our hearts... 

A quick clip of one of our favorite collaborations to date...