Critical connections, instead of critical mass.

                                     - adrienne maree brown (I'm probably paraphrasing from these ideas)...

- Pete Seeger

We're looking for help! 

It's true. Eoghan (Ian) Carrick is stepping down at least for summertime as we foresee opportunities to sing outdoors while sun lingers longer in the sky... 

You can read more here about my process and what's next in the short term.

I'm hoping call in a circle of 3-6 (or more) people who want to keep community singing going in Central Oregon. I can envision lots of ways I might support that happening... if you're interested, get in touch! If it calls you, I wanna support you! Leading songs is a great life skill. 


Songleaders (or courageous wanna-be's) wanted!

COVID - COCOONING - for now...

Listen, enjoy, learn & share new original music on Youtube & Soundcloud


We are a Central Oregon-based part of a reviving North American community of "paperless" aural tradition singing. We sing easy-to-learn delicious songs that re-enchant the world and open our hearts, accessible tools that build connection among us.


When we sing together, in particular, we practice courage, trust, interdependency, full, healthy breathing, our oxytocin (trust/bonding) and energizing endorphin levels rise, while cortisol (stress/anxiety) levels fall, there's even evidence that, yes, in spirited communal singing like our ancestors, our heartbeats actually sync up. We develop the skill of sharing our truth while contributing to something larger than ourselves, co-creating a tangible sense of belonging. We also have oodles of fun.


As a community singing group that fosters joy and connection, we try to practice a greater sense of human responsibility by acknowledging the ways the cultural systems of white supremacy, misogyny and heteronormativity show up in our singing circle. Learn more here.  


Shawn Axton

Open HUB Singing has been a wonderful opportunity to blend voices in a group setting, coming away feeling more positive from the vibrations of singing and good vibrations of building community.  The songs are soulful, and uplifting, written and spread at a grass roots level.  If you want to help improve this world – start now – and come sing with us!


Jim Boraas

I would rather sing with Ian at open hub than go to any concert. It’s like being a part of a band !  . It’s an interactive experience with no judgment and nothing but love and acceptance. If you ever were told that you can’t sing or had a desire to sing openly and without fear come to Open hub and let your voice be heard!

Doug Macbeth

Open Hub is one of the bright spots in every week. A chance to sing, to improvise a little, and to laugh a lot. It's a great group of people, and Ian makes it fun