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This song was inspired by my dad. I said "hey, I want to do this bike trip in Eastern Oregon, but I'd have to bus out there with my bike..." He said, "No worries, I'll drive you out and camp solo while you bike around." 

So 20 minutes from reconnecting with him after three soulfully impactful days of biking through restored wild places, singing, encounters with heron, spring water and lupine, the main part came right in--we all need a little time alone, solitude is deeper than alone. 

The alto part is a call to find and know and share the medicine we all carry, simply by being who we are, addressing the soul directly: "Soul, I see you shining through, doing how you do, honoring your truth. Do not play it small. Your gift is leading us home."* 

The tenor part was written intentionally to give the other parts lots of space. It is challenging, as it has been sometimes challenging for me to give others space: "Thank you for giving me the space the space to call myself, call myself home." 

*This part draws from Marianne Williamson's "Your playing small does not serve the world." And Dagara wisdom through Laurence Cole, the idea that each of us has a gift we have to bring to the world for a true lasting culture of home.

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