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This is one of the most stirringly beautiful lullabies I’ve come across! I’ve recorded practice tracks of Moira Smiley’s & Seamus Egan’s arrangement with permission.

Lyrics by Bill Caddick, set to music based on a theme in Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky’s Symphony No. 6, ‘Pathetique’, which was based on an Italian folk song called ‘Piva Piva’

This recording is a practice recording. It was recorded in a humble bedroom with a snarky microphone. Please excuse the lower quality audio.


Moira Smiley & Seamus Egan’s arrangement contains suggestions for a beautiful arrangement of all four verses plus intro, outro and interlude. Please support independent musicians by purchasing the full arrangement and exploring Moira's other incredible music here.


These four parts are offered for practice with the melody and body percussion parts mixed quietly in for reference.

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