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Guidelines for our community forum 

Please respect the following when posting in this (relatively) intimate digital space:

  • The main purpose of the forum is to maintain connection and support for those of us who have sung together. In the words of Robin Wall Kimmerer, "all flourishing is mutual."

  • Please customize which categories you want to hear (receive emails) about. You have complete control here. There's no data collectors or advertisers. 

  • This is not a place for spam. If you have a genuine offering that might benefit others, share that with us generously and respectfully.

  • The following topics will flag moderator's attention and may be cause for your removal from the forum: romantic/sexual relations, weapons, drugs, illegal activity, etc.

  • Perhaps most importantly, practice abundance, reach out with courage, be kind, and sing! 


Important notes about this site:

  • This site will annoyingly ask you to "update account info." It will stop bugging you once you agree to update, click, "update account info" towards the bottom of the screen. All you really need is an email address.

  • Your posts and profile are only visible to other people who are members.


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